Will Drafting

How will we assist you in drafting your Will?

Submission of Request

Once you have submitted your request for our Will Drafting service through the form on this page, we will assign a representative to your request. Our representative will reach out to you within 24 hours of request receipt to better understand your needs.

Assignment of an Experienced Lawyer

Based on your needs and requirements, we will assign your case an experienced lawyer possessing excellent draftsmanship. Takelegal.in’s lawyer will prepare your draft Will and present it to you for review. If you need any changes, the lawyer will promptly effect the changes and present the document for your approval. For us, client satisfaction is of prime importance!

Signing of Will

To bring the Will into effect, the document will have to be signed. Takelegal.in’s representative will arrange a way for the Will to reach you for your signature.

Registration of Will

Though registration of a Will is not mandatory, Takelegal.in advises its clients to get the Will registered and adequately stamped to enforce the character of the Will and prevent future disputes. Our representative and lawyer will obtain a probate from the relevant court and complete the registration process on your behalf.

Documentation Required

While the drafting of a Will does not require many documents, Takelegal.in’s lawyer will need a bunch of information from you regarding the following:

  • Your identification parameters – such as Aadhar number, residential address.
  • Details of beneficiaries.
  • Details of executor – a person who will ensure that the Will is affected properly after your death.
  • Details of possessed property and assets and the intended division.
  • Any other specific directions.
  • 2 (two) witnesses.

Takelegal.in’s Promise

  1. Confidentiality Assured
  2. Affordability Guaranteed
  3. Transparency Redefined
  4. Reputed and Experienced Lawyer Network
  5. Standardized Pricing

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Will Drafting

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Wills can be challenged before courts on the following grounds:

  • Presence of coercion, fraud or undue influence on the Will-maker.
  • Presence of a suspicious event or character.
  • Absence of intention or capacity of the Will-maker.
  • Improper signing of Will.
  • Absence of the Will-maker’s knowledge of the existence of the Will.

Should you wish to challenge a Will, Takelegal.in can assist you with legal advice and case filing.

An executor is a person named in your will who will ensure that your Will’s contents are executed properly after your death. An executor must not be a beneficiary nor be a trusted person such as family or friend. If you do not mention an executor in your Will, the court will appoint one.

Yes. You can change your Will anytime you wish, which will render any previous versions of the Will canceled. In case you wish to change your Will after completion of registration, the new Will will have to be registered again since the old one would stand revoked.

Though registration of a Will is not mandatory under law, it gives the following advantages:

  • A copy is maintained in the sub-Registrar’s office, which acts as an authenticator in case the Will has been tampered.
  • A certified copy can be obtained from the sub-Registrar’s office if the Will is lost or damaged.

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Book this service!