Legal Services for Family Matters

Your family matters are private, and we make sure they remain that way! Everything you need to resolve your family-related legal problem can be found here!

With’s Legal Services for Family Matters, you can

Gift Deed Registration

Gifting a house to your parents? You need to get a gift deed registered! Getting a gift deed drafted and registered will not only save you from tax problems, but will also create a valid documentation for the receiver of the gift! Get your gift deed registered today with!

Will Drafting

Your property is your property, and it should stay the same after you. A well-drafted and structured will help in creating a secure path for your assets to flow to your legal heir, without any interference. Make the right choice and get your will drafted from today!

Legal Heir Certificate

When a family member dies unexpectedly, a legal heir certificate must be acquired to transfer the deceased's possessions, claim insurance, receive government payments, and other actions. Our team will walk you through the hassle-free process of obtaining a legal heir certificate so that you can claim what is truly yours!

Name Change

Facing passport and visa-related problems because of different name spellings or names altogether in identification proofs? Do not worry! All you need is to get a name change affidavit, which will let the authorities know that you are recognized by the other names and spellings!

Mutual Consent Divorce

Despite the efforts, some things are not meant to last. If you and your partner want separation, the law acknowledges the same and provides you an option to give divorce by mutual consent. Connect with our team for an advisory on the process of getting a divorce by mutual consent and save yourself from the raised eyebrows of your friends and family.

Court Marriage

Traditional weddings are great, but did you know that you can get married to your significant other in a court of law? Save up for your future and take up the option of court marriage! Our team will facilitate the whole process for you so that you do not have to jump through the legal hoops and live a hassle-free, legally married life!

Marriage Certificate

In India, for a couple to be certified as lawfully-wedded, a marriage certificate is a must. Our team will assist you through the process of getting a marriage certificate so that you and your significant other can stay worry-free!

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