Noticeman’s Way

Warnings work, especially when it is a legal one! Send a legal notice today and experience the power of law!

With’s Noticeman’s Way, you can

Tenant Eviction

Your property is only yours! If your tenants are a nuisance and are not vacating your property despite multiple reminders, it is time you show them the power of the law! Send a legal notice to your tenants and get them out of your property in no time!

Consumer Cases

Bought something online and get the wrong product? Stayed at a hotel and not get the service that was promised? Every single time you consume a product or a service, you are a consumer. As a consumer, you have certain rights. If any entity violates those rights, you can send them a legal notice seeking compensation and damages!

Wrongful Termination

Wrongfully terminated by your employer without any justifiable cause? You can end them a legal notice seeking restoration of salary and direct them to pay damages for wrongfully terminating you!

Unpaid Salary

If your employer is wrongly withholding your salary, it is time to send them a legal notice! Our team will assist you in getting what you have truly worked hard for by sending a legal notice to your employer on your behalf!

Cheque Bounce

When you receive a payment in the form of a cheque, you can send a legal notice to the drawer if the cheque bounces! When a cheque bounces because there aren't enough funds in the bank account, it is a crime. Our team will make sure your claim is solidified with the other party in the form of a legal notice!

Legal Notice

A civil dispute includes anything and everything that is non-criminal in nature. Our team will understand your dispute in detail, curate a well-drafted legal notice, and send to the other party on your behalf!

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