Other Government Registrations

The ease of doing business is not so easy when you are burdened with 100 other compliances to worry about, our team is here! you can simply trust and be on top of every government requirement.

With Takelegal.in’s Other Government Registrations, you can

Rental Agreement and Registration

Every person there is, has gone through the ickiness of getting into a Rent Agreement and then the process of Registration. Hence most of them out there entirely try to avoid it either due to the complicated process or exuberant fees charged for such procedures. It is to be understood that an Rent agreement and further its registration is very important to safeguard security deposits, ensure timely rents and safety of the property. All these are provided at easy costs and strong legal advice by our team

Trademark Registration

The term "trademark" simply refers to the mark or symbol that your company will use to distinguish itself from competitors. It represents the level of confidence and quality that customers have in your company. The online registration of a trademark necessitates intervention at every level, from applications to articles in trademark journals through oppositions until the trademark is finally awarded. It cannot be done without a knowledgeable legal advisor, and our team is here to make sure that you receive all available advice.

FSSAI Registration

The most successful industry in India is the food industry. The FSSAI registration is required, which further subcategories the business based on its structure and consequently necessitates special compliances, in order to facilitate the operations of legislation and standards that are required for food enterprises to comply. Starting with the bare minimal FSSAI registration, our team is here to offer you the experience in a wide range of networks.

Startup India Registration

The government intends to provide startups more freedom to innovate and create as they develop through the Start-up India initiative. To make the process of finding finance and networking easier, the government has established a vast network of incubators and start-ups that are in a variety of stages, including bootstrapping and incubation. All one needs is a start-up India recognition to take advantage of several benefits, including tax concessions and low-cost patent filings.

MSME Registration

The Indian government has introduced a number of programmes to support small and medium-sized businesses in continuing to exist and expanding. You must complete your MSME registration in order to take advantage of all these advantageous programmers. Our system will assist you in obtaining a hassle-free MSME registration as well as all other available benefits and advantages coming from MSME registration

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