TAN Registration

How will we assist you in TAN registration?

1. Submission of Request

Upon receiving your request for assistance in TAN registration through the form on this page, Takelegal.in’s representative will reach out to you for further details on your business and run you through the registration process.

2. Collation of Documents and Submission of Application

Takelegal.in’s representative will supply you with a document checklist to ensure that all your documents are in order to begin registration.

3. Submission of Application

Our representative will complete the TAN application on your behalf and submit the same after your approval.

4. Allotment of TAN

Once the officials are satisfied with all forms and documents, you will receive a TAN that you will have to quote on your returns.

Documentation Required

  • Proof of business registration or incorporation certificate
  • Identity proof and address proof of each promoter or director
  • Proof of registered address of business
  • Bank account statement or a canceled cheque of the business
  • Authorization letter with digital signature or a board resolution

Takelegal.in’s Promise

  1. Confidentiality Assured
  2. Affordability Guaranteed
  3. Transparency Redefined
  4. Reputed and Experienced Lawyer Network
  5. Standardized Pricing

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TAN Registration

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Frequently Asked Questions

Once the registration process for TAN begins, businesses usually receive their TAN and TAN card within 7-15 days.

Yes. Any change in particulars submitted at the time of registration needs to be brought to the attention of the issuing authority. Takelegal.in can help you affect the changes in your TAN account.

No. Takelegal.in will help you receive TAN from the comfort of your home. Our representative will take over all your burden of TAN registration.

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Book this service!