Wrongful Termination

How will we assist you in taking action against your employer?

The Consultation Stage

Once you have submitted your request for our Legal Notice for Wrongful Termination service through the form on this page, we will assign a representative to your request within 24 hours of form submission. The representative will contact you for more details about your issue. Takelegal.in’s team of subject-matter experts will evaluate the facts and documentation submitted by you and devise an efficient plan to take action against your employer.

The Noticeman’s Way

Our experienced drafting team at Takelegal.in will draft a legal notice and present it to you for approval. Once you are satisfied, Takelegal.in’s Noticeman will send the legal notice to your employer on your behalf.

Documentation Required

Takelegal.in believes in speedy resolution of matters. To create a mechanism of smooth functioning, Takelegal.in advises you to submit the following documents to us at the earliest:

  • Employment offer letter and contract.
  • Letter of resignation/termination.
  • Past paycheck(s).
  • Any written or recorded correspondence with the employer on the subject.
  • Any other documents relevant to the case.

Takelegal.in’s Promise

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Wrongful Termination

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Frequently Asked Questions

On behalf of their client, a lawyer, as well as an advocate, are eligible to issue a legal notice. It is strongly suggested that you send a legal notice only after receiving legal advice and through a lawyer/advocate.

If the employer fails to respond to the legal notice, you can bring a lawsuit against them for the remedy you requested in the legal notice. Should you wish to bring a lawsuit against your employer, Takelegal.in is always there to provide our services – we will link you with an experienced employment attorney who will file your case.

The foremost advantage of sending a legal notice is that it might facilitate settlement and avoid your trip to the court. The main focus is to solve the problem and not unnecessarily engage in a possible long-drawn legal battle.

The following grounds can be used to send a legal notice for wrongful termination:

  • An employee is illegally terminated because of a whimsical decision that has no link to their performance or any behavioral problem.
  • An employee was forced to resign.
  • An employee was fired while on maternity leave.
  • Prior to termination, the employee was not given adequate notice.

An employee can quantify the amount for their losses and loss of reputation. In particular, employees may ask for:

  • Compensation in lieu of a notice period.
  • Compensation for a breach of a contract of employment.
  • Compensation for psychological abuse.
  • Re-employment with back wages.

According to the Limitation Act, 1963 legal notice in case of wrongful termination must be sent within 3 (three) years from the date when the cause of action arose.

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