How you can solve a consumer dispute without going to a lawyer

A consumer dispute involves consumer purchasing goods and services from a service provider or product manufacturer/supplier/provider.

These practices must be implemented before going to a lawyer in case of a consumer dispute:

  1. Raise a formal complaint with the other party via e-mail.
  2. If that does not resolve your issue, file a complaint with the National Consumer Helpline (“NCH”) via 1915, Umang App, or the NCH app.
  3. NCH escalates the complaint directly to the grievance officer of the accused company, who is required to respond to the complaint within a stipulated period.

If your dispute amount is small, i.e., around ₹10,000, filing an NCH complaint might resolve your issue and save you the trouble of going to a lawyer.

It is important to note that following the abovementioned practices will increase your chances of getting a redressal without going to court. If you do not get a redressal, the abovementioned will create a paper trail for your lawyer to add as a reference to your complaint. The same may benefit you in court.

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