How corporations are using your money and converting you into an advertising agent (and you don’t even know about it!)

Have you ever gone into a brand store such as those of IKEA and Big Bazaar? If yes, you might have been tricked into shelling your money for their advertisement.

Every time you walk into a store, the cashier asks you if you want a carry bag. The store will charge a nominal amount for the same.

However, it is imperative to understand that they can only ask you for money in exchange of a carry bag if there is no branding of the company on it. If the bag is branded with the company’s logo, the company cannot charge you for the same.


According to judicial precedents, if one carries a branded carry-bag provided at the cashier’s counter, they act as an advertising agent for the company. An advertising agent for the company shouldn’t technically be paying the company for advertising them. The court has clearly put forth that companies cannot follow such a practice. If there is a logo on the carry-bag being sold at the cashier’s counter, it must not be chargeable. Additionally, hefty fines have been imposed on the companies and compensation has been awarded to the consumers by the consumer forums.

Next time you go out shopping, don’t be an advertising agent at your own cost!

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